Working from home is becoming more and more popular. In 2015 there were almost 600,000 employees in USA who sometimes or mostly work from home, more than 20 percent more than in 2010. A study published on Forbes also shows that employees are happier and more productive from working from home. For optimum productivity, you should have a home office. But for that you need a best commercial contractor that can help you in building a perfect office at home and the best one you can find with

If you are going to build as a permanent home worker, you should, of course, include your office in your building plans. A concept that we often see coming back today is a desk on an open floor. The advantage of this is that you can sit down separately to work and at the same time keep an eye on what happens in the house for the rest. If you have not been able to determine the layout of your house yourself, then you can go for one of the following options.

As long as there are no children, you have a bedroom in surplus in most houses. The perfect space for your desk. Since a bedroom is usually more spacious than necessary for your desk, you still have some space left for the necessary decoration. Make it fun with photos, plants and warm materials, because at home working day there are no colleagues to cheer things up.

If there are already koters running around or you live in a one-room studio, you will, of course, have to look for another solution. You could, of course, sit at the dining table, but this will not be conducive to your productivity. After all, working is best done in a working environment.

An attic under the roof might offer a solution. As an extra living space, it may not be suitable because of the sloping ceiling, but your office chair can fit perfectly underneath. With a roof window above your head, you benefit from natural light, a real performance booster.

The attic also not an option? Then you have the living, sleeping and dining room available (or bathroom, but that might be a bit strange). If you go into the living room or bedroom, you have to take into account that your desk will be ‘insight’.

This, of course, does not have to be a problem, you can counter this in two ways. You can work very discreetly and install your desk on a shelf that is part of a shelf. When you are not working, hardly anyone will notice that this is your job.

You can of course also choose to give your desk a striking place. A beautiful design writing table or an antique secretary can be the perfect showpiece for your room.

If you install your workplace in the bedroom anyway, make sure it is shielded from the rest of the room. A difficult day at your desk does not make it any better if you have to spend it with a view of your bed …

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