Building a house is a job that usually takes place on-site. It happens in most cases with older existing homes that no longer meet the requirements of current homeowners. Think of outdated bathrooms and kitchens, no central heating installation, poor insulation (only glass), rotten wood, too small rooms, too small living space, demolition and so on. On this page we try to give you all information about the renovation of a house, choosing a home improvement contractors, the costs and the working method. For information about home improvement you can visit

Refurbish property what to do?

If you want to renovate your home there are a lot of possibilities that you can carry out. Below we give you a small overview:

    • Remove the floor and lay a new one
    • Install complete new heating installation
    • Replace wall coverings
    • Totally isolate a home
    • A new layout of spaces in a home
    • Reorganize and dress up bathrooms
    • Foundation repair
    • Make new water pipes and drains
    • Replace window frames
    • Make extra bedroom
  • Have a shed

Planning a renovation

When renovating it is of the utmost importance that a thorough planning is made. The proper organization and classification of the work is a task that is often wrongly underestimated. A successful house renovation stands or falls with good planning.

Especially when you are going to hire people to carry out certain jobs, it is important that things are properly coordinated.

For example, it is impossible to have the possible plasterers and floor layers at the same time.

Placing a kitchen is also best done only after laying a floor and finishing the walls. In order to steer all this in the right direction, it is therefore important to make good planning.

Merging living room and kitchen

A lot of renovation work in recent years is that an open kitchen is being made of a separate kitchen. That means that the kitchen is involved in the living room.

The advantage of this renovation is that the living space looks a lot bigger and the whole house looks much more spacious.

You can also easily put a large dining table in the living room. Even though the table in the living room gives the impression that it is a large kitchen.

This is very nice when, for example, friends or family come over to eat.

Of course there are also disadvantages. Sometimes it seems as if the walls are broken away from the kitchen that much more space has been created, and this then brings advantages. We can tell you that this is not always the case.

This way you have less storage space in your house because you have far fewer walls where you can attach cabinets.

What can also be a big disadvantage is that the food air lingers in your living room after cooking. Despite the extraction work will work well the whole evening the living room will continue to stink.

Determine your budget for the job

For you it is important to get clear in advance what exactly your budget is for the renovation. With this budget in your head, it is easier to make choices while planning the renovation.

After all, you can not spend more than your budget and thus you simply do not let some things happen and you do not need to spend time unnecessarily thinking about jobs that can not happen anyway.

In addition, the implementing contractor can also take your budget into account. The contractor will take into account the budget for ideas to realize your renovation. You will then opt for solutions that fit your budget.

Want to remodel yourself?

Of course if you want to renovate yourself, this will save on costs. But most of the time it turns out that if private individuals themselves are going to do the renovation of a house themselves, they will be put under pressure by the rain.

Often when people start doing this themselves, they will come back to this and the renovation is often dirty. Not only is it time-consuming, but also the stress and financial picture do not help.

You will also have to understand the renovation of your home and not what you want to renovate. If you do not have this then it is really better to call in a recognized construction company to help you on your way.

When you are renovating it is often a combination of the above examples. Some activities will be easy to carry out yourself, where you may need help for other jobs.

If you want to work on the renovation yourself, it is therefore wise to carry out only the relatively simple jobs yourself. Consider, for example, finishing the floor and walls.

As a recognized company, we can help you with the difficult jobs during the renovation of your home.

Think for example of the coarser jobs such as demolishing and creating walls, placing new layouts, laying electrical and water pipes, and so on. We ensure that everything is structurally correct and functions properly.

Contact the contractor

Refurbishing a home is not just a job for this, it requires experience and expertise. If you are planning to hire a contractor anyway, then it is advisable to carry out an investigation in advance whether the contractor is well-regarded and acknowledged.

If you take a good contractor in hand, you can discuss the ideas for the renovation and he will help you to implement them.

A good contractor gives you tips and ensures that the entire renovation of your home will fit into your budget.

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