Building a new house is fun because you can realize your own dream home. More and more people want to build their own house, but want to know first what that costs. For this you need a professional residential contractor. Checkout Best GC Pros to find one of the best general contractor in your city.

We have therefore prepared a handy total cost calculation so that you know what all costs:

Build a house
By building a new house you can really express your own wishes so that you get exactly what you always wanted. The question that most people have is a logical one: what is involved and what will it cost?

We understand that.


Building a complete house (or having it built) is more fun than buying and renovating an existing house and you really get a dream home of your own hand. Building a new house will, as you know, look a lot. That is one of the reasons that we have set up this step-by-step plan. It is a complete checklist from idea to ready home and you get them Free of course.

Build your own house

Building your own house is not feasible for everyone. Yet most people would really want to have their own house built. That large kitchen, nice view of the garden with lots of sun in the house or a very sustainable house without energy bills. A nice process with your own dream home as the end result where you live (perhaps your entire life) for a long time. You will no longer have to make a gas connection with the house from 2017 onwards. Previously that was true.


– You get the house of your dreams!
– You do not live ‘in the house of someone else’
– Everything is nice and completely new so you have hardly any maintenance for a longer period of time
– New construction is often more energy-efficient and saves on your monthly expenses
– New construction often has more prestige compared to others (image)

Points of interest-

Your wishes must be clear to yourself and the architect
-You must arrange a design, permit and contractor
-The setbacks can be large (permit / additional work)
-A good long relationship with the builder to avoid hassle and additional work is more important than when renovating
– It usually costs more time than buying and renovating an existing house

2 Options

You can opt for a regular new house or a house of your own design on a chosen lot. Then you really have all the freedom to do what you want as far as it fits within the municipal requirements. In short: you can have it completely designed and built as you wish. You can do this alone or with a number of lots together with others.

These two types are also called:

1) Collective private commissioning (CPO)
2) Private commissioning (PO)

The vast majority of people have the house built by a contractor. Some people also choose to build a part of the house itself. They do this because it saves money and / or they are in construction and are useful themselves. The self-stuccation of a wall, however, is difficult for most, let alone build a complete house. Some people do the finishing of a wind- and water-tight house. In this way you save on costs and you can also ‘do your own thing’ in that phase-out.


Prefab is a great building method to let your house quickly draw. In the factory, the wall and roof elements are prepared as far as possible to be assembled later on your building plot. In the past, there were sometimes points of interest in those prefabricated houses. They were less good. Nowadays a traditional house is not so much better in terms of insulation and solidity, but often in finish, which translates into a higher market value for the future.

Free by name

The costs of a new house are often Vrij Op Naam (VON). This means that there are lower costs for the purchase when purchasing the new house. In the case of an old house (on Funda for example) there are always costs for Buyer costs (KK) and these are between 2% and 6% on the purchase price. The new house therefore has an advantage here but check this well with the seller and the municipality. These costs are still separate from any costs for VAT. At a new house the hull builder must give you a price including VAT. Always ask for this for the sake of certainty. View the new house tender


Whether you want to create a ‘normal’ detached house or a bungalow or a very special home, this does not matter that much in terms of preparation and steps. Only the time that takes the individual steps will be different. Do you want a very durable home with not only solar panels and good insulation of your house but also heat pump, infrared heating etc, then it’s smart to take time to read/inform you.

In old style

With a house in old style, you do not have to do much more than giving the architect/builder your preconditions. Think about:

brick/roof tile / wooden frames according to a number of example photos you provide
Material use
Atmosphere/appearance that you find very important (specifically for bathroom and kitchen)


But what is involved in the preparation of all that and what do you all need to think about? Who do you need and what kind of permits do you have to request at what time to not let anything slow down? All questions you can have with your first home building.


That’s why we thought it would be useful to put the step-by-step plan and the tips handy and quick so that you know where you stand so you do not forget anything and are not surprised by setbacks that can cost time and money.

Develop a step-by-step plan for your own home

I would say that you must first have clear that you want a new home and not just want to renovate it. Now you have already done that, but who knows, you still have new insights. Because a new building is much more difficult in terms of permits than renovation. And that is for many people the reason to almost completely demolish their house, but not quite at all, to stay under the simpler renovation permit.

Building New House

For Richard, I think that is also a good option and I would definitely recommend him to reconsider this even if the contractor is eager to demolish the house

Determine your budget

Determine or make your free time
Buy land, buy a plot from the municipality / lot store or private
Think about plan
Create moodboard
Go sketch and draw
Request a permit
Decide what you do and do yourself
Arrange financing

Periodic consultation with the contractor to maintain good relations, to avoid problems and to avoid additional work


Doing things yourself at home (if you have not let the contractor do everything)

Moving away

This is of course a very general step-by-step plan because you can write down everything up to and including 30 sub-steps for the new staircase.

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