Home improvement never seems to stop and can become a costly undertaking unless you have a lot of handy tips under 100 euros. You know that we would like to tell you all about simple DIY projects that make your house look phenomenal without having to loot your bank account. Today we present you 13 fantastic ideas by Best GC Pros Wilmington to try out. Interior designers all know the value of small – but important – changes in your home and we have noticed what improvements they make so you can safely carry out these projects in the knowledge that they are designer-proof and guaranteed to have a big impact on your home . When you’re ready to look up your toolbox, we’ll get started …

1. Extra shelves in your kitchen

A few simple shelves that you add in your kitchen will not only make that space look much nicer, but it will also improve the practical side of this space. We think that custom-made shelves are the best solution, so this holder for your wine glasses is a perfect idea!

2. Paint the kitchen cabinets for a new look

If you still like your kitchen cabinets, but they look a bit dull, then it’s time to buy a specialized paint and give them a new stage of life. Vivid colors may seem a bit too daring choice but when look how they can revive a lifeless space !! Immediately replace the handles with a nice modern design.

3. Add a beater to your door and provide it with a new paint

If you have an ordinary front door that you find too ordinary, you can create a nice panel effect on your door with some shelves and then paint. Voila, a whole new front door for less than 100 euros! You can use the remaining budget to buy some pots of plants for that stylish look at your entrance!

4. Polish your wooden floor again

Wooden floors can look somewhat faded and gray after a while, but when you buy some good wood polishing and cleaning products, they come back to life and sparkle and shine again. Floors in frequently used parts of your home always look dull after a while, but the proper maintenance brings them back completely into that beautiful, fresh, shiny state and keeps them for years. To do!

5. Blacken your iron fireplace again

You will be amazed at the huge difference of this tip in a room! Buy some iron paint and give the inside of your fireplace a fresh layer of black coating and clean the tiles immediately while you are busy. It does not take much time (and is cheap) but the effect is enormous!

6. Remove your items from the entrance

Invest in some storage space in your hall and you will immediately notice what a huge difference this makes in your house. Choose a piece of furniture that fits your shoes and bags and also put a coat rack and soon everyone in the house will use it, making your hall a lot neater and more welcoming. And a warm, tidy cozy hall is very important!

7. Recycle old items into new storage space

We are always fans of a good upcycling project and especially because they add so much value to your interior as these. An old set of stilts can easily be transformed into that perfect shabby chic bookshelf and this looks really great in every room. Of course you can spend days trying to sand and varnish it completely, but we just love a bit of character. And if you do not paint it, this is also an almost free project!

8. Buy a statement lamp

If you do not want to spend more than $150 to make your house look better, a statement lamp in the living room is a great choice. For example, like here with copper and pink gold that is so current today and why not choose a real eye catcher? Check out the second-hand sites or recycling for a unique one.

9. Invest in storage boxes

When you are tired of all the loose stuff that makes your house messy, invest in some nice storage boxes and make sure everything goes out of sight. This is a success factor in every room – from the hall to the nursery – and all you have to do is adapt the colors and style of the storage boxes to the design of the space in question.

10. Buy an integrated water filter for your crane

Tell me honestly who does not remember filling the Brita water jug ??and replacing the old filters? Nowadays you can simply get filtered water directly from your tap by placing a special filter system. Imagine that just clean filtered fresh water flows from your tap? Awesome!

11. Choose modular

Small budgets can also maximize the storage potential of your home and certainly when you opt for a modular system! The advantage of modular storage is that you simply add parts and place them when you need them (or you have a budget for them). Choose a number of colors that you like and create a beautiful eye-catching setup.

12. Add details to your front door

If you want to improve your front door, you can do a lot with $150 without buying a new door. For example, you can replace the iron parts and buy a new beautiful license plate, iron lanterns next to your door, add a door knocker or put some iron on your door. We think this is a very good idea because your front door makes that first most important impression on your guests and so it is important to let it shine!

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